Thursday, January 15, 2009

Partisan Scream Machine Fed to Facebook!

I finally have this blog hooked up to my Facebook account. As an update for my last post, about Facebook as a news feed, I've found some good tools to connect my content and interesting news pieces with Facebook.

Since Digg still isn't functioning with Facebook Connect, I had to find another route to connect that info to my Facebook account. I started using Twitterfeed, which is a great program that connects my RSS feeds and blog posts to my Twitter account (follow me here). The best part about Twitterfeed is that I can connect multiple RSS feeds and blogs to my Twitter account, and control the frequency of updates and volume of posts. I currently have my Digg actions, my blog posts here, and my actions on OpenCongress feeding to my Twitter account.

Seeing as I think Twitter is close to worthless without these feeds, I then hooked up my Twitter account to Facebook. Seriously, Twitter is ridiculous on its own. Twitter is like techie crack, but it's also one dimensional, and annoying. If I could just feed all my info to Facebook, I would...Anyone know a way out? hit me with it--Twitterfeed is cool--but how about Facebookfeed?


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