Monday, October 13, 2008

Learning from the Past, Changing Approach

I'm going to start keeping this blog again, but with a few new ground rules. When I was blogging before I found myself pressured to update it constantly, as if I was some center of news and information. This is ridiculous because I get most of my news from mainstream sources that anyone can access on Google News. I'm not doing myself or anybody else a service by regurgitating news that's very public. Where I can contribute is on new insights, ground-level reporting and analysis, and snark. So I'm going to be concentrating on these three things more and more.

I've always enjoyed writing longer op-ed style pieces and will continue to do so. Since I was an undergrad, writing for Ohio State University's student newspaper, The Lantern, I enjoyed editorializing and giving (hopefully) new perspectives. Now after a little training at GlobalVision and MediaChannel, and a new spirit of urgency and entrepreneurship I'm going to push this blog in a new direction. I'm mainly going to use it as a homebase for editorializing and reporting on issues such as race, media accountability, media and society, perceptions and politics, and a whole range of things Brian Williams will never be mentioning on the nightly news.

So don't expect constant news updates. But do expect posts with shameless self-promoting links to stories I've had posted elsewhere on the web.

Also, expect some video at some point...

So for now, let me get some comments on this blog, in terms of style--even the name, so I can get this thing going!

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