Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Missing the Point

The GOP today has announced an agreement with the White House on legislation iniating Congressional oversight for the domestic wire-tapping program. Now the Congress gets their fingers in the program and warrantless wire-tapping would continue for up to 45 days. This is totally missing the point of many people's apprehension about the program. No, we weren't calling for another layer of bureaucracy on Capitol Hill. No we weren't asking Congress to try and allay our fears by getting involved (because we all know we can sleep safely at night knowing the oh-so-helpful Congress is on the little man's side here). I just want the law enforced. I want Bush to get warrants. I don't want a secret committee hearing that nobody knows about for 10 years to be the on;y oversight for a program that can continue on warrant-free. I want to make sure Bush is following the law and that's it.
"The measure would require the administration to seek a warrant from the
court whenever possible."


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