Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just a Small Bit of News to Think About

Abu Ghraib is being closed, which is good. But this news bit is kind of an aside. I was reading the New York Times article about the man in this picture. Ali Shalal Qaissi is his name and he's now speaking out in the name of prisoners like himself. Of course he's hooded in the picture and we can't confirm his identity. So what did the reporters do? They called up Uncle Sam and asked for confirmation... But they didn't get it. "Why not?," you may ask:
A spokesman for the American military in Iraq declined to comment, saying it would violate the Geneva Conventions to disclose the identity of prisoners in any of the Abu Ghraib photographs, just as it would to discuss the reasons behind Mr. Qaissi's detention.
No further comments.

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