Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Democrats= DOA

This article was just everything I expected way too soon. I guess the dems have figured out that standing by and watching the opponent self-destruct is only half of the return to power. They forgot about the whole plan for change thing.
Asked to describe the health of the Democratic Party, Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said: "A lot worse than it should be. This has not been a very good two months."

"We seem to be losing our voice when it comes to the basic things people worry about," Mr. Dodd said.

My God, I didn't know they had a voice. They say they haven't picked up much steam in the aftermath of such issues as the Abramoff affair, NSA wiretapping, or continued problems in Iraq. Just like 2004, they don't have any plans. Furthermore, on the Abramoff issue, they're as sunk as the GOP. Instead of a shrill cry for reform in the wake of that scandal, both sides were seen shedding their Abramoff dollars in an attempt to break any connections to his firm. When it comes to lobbyists, the Dems have nothing.

In the end, one Dem has figured it out at least:

Mr. Obama said the Democratic Party had not seized the moment, adding: "We have been in a reactive posture for too long. I think we have been very good at saying no, but not good enough at saying yes."

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