Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On Datamining

Nevermind the first part of this article's eerie similarities with my line of work, Russell Tice, the NSA whistleblower has some good stuff to say about the whole warrantless spying upon Americans thing:

REASON: Some polls suggest that most citizens aren't terribly concerned about these programs.
Tice: People think it's not going to affect them. They think it's against
the bad people, it's to protect our national security. Maybe it's against the
law, but it's just the bad people, just to keep the terrorist from blowing up my
neighborhood dam. But if those people find out it was hundreds of thousands or
millions, and they were swept up into it and the government was listening to
their conversation with their doctor.... Now all of a sudden it affects them
personally. Right now I don't think people see how it affects them. Though even
if it were just these few thousand people that have been talked about,
nonetheless it's wrong. There's no reason the two thousand warrants could not
have been done through the FISA court. The question is: Why wasn't it done?

That's right, I'm not a terrorist, so I have nothing to worry about right? Well the problem is sometimes it's kind of hard to get them to realize that when you are gagged and blind-folded in Gitmo.

And by the way, I haven't mentioned anything about this until now, but doesn't it say something about Bush's policy when he has to merely defend the legality of the program. He kept saying "I have the legal authority, I have the constitutional authority." As if to say, I didn't break any laws so of course I did nothing wrong. Well guess what, Clinton didn't do anything illegal until he lied under oath. Was what he did wrong in the eyes of most of his constituents?...

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