Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Will on Bush

Townhall carries a nice piece by columnist George Will on the powers of the president over time and the typical conservative response. Will tends to present a conservative viewpoint, but tends to understand things like limited government and separation of powers, something some "conservatives" have forgotten as of late, which Will addresses:
One reason was that Congress' cumbersomeness, which is a function of its fractiousness, is a virtue because it makes the government slow and difficult to move. But conservatives' wholesome wariness of presidential power has been a casualty of conservative presidents winning seven of the last 10 elections.
Good stuff. I encourage you to check it out. And another thing, why weren't news opinion shows talking to more legal analysts, or say law professors about the legality of Bush's actions. The question for me was "Is this even legal after the PATRIOT act and various other pieces of legislation?" I don't have that answer, I'm not a law expert. But this question went largely unanswered.

The current president is not so much a conservative as a facist. He, Cheney, and other powerful people believe in the consolidation of executive power, one of the key tenets of facism. Also, painting dissent or opposition as treasonous or unpatriotic. Also, domestic programs that spy on the citizens. Also.........

The answer is it isn't legal.
here's the answer

it's illegal

unless you define the president as an all powerful executive, which he is not
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