Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We're Still Having This Debate...

Stay the course, stay the course, stay the course, stay the course. Bush presented a brilliantly novel plan for the future of free Iraq... yeah just about as much as the Democrats are finding new ways to criticize the Adminstration on the war. I'm pretty sure we are having this discussion in a time warp a la 2003-2004.

The fact of the matter is we should all shut up until December 15. I can't understand why there is such a huge push for a withdrawal plan before we even know if there will be a state from which to withdraw. How irresponsible is that? We started this mess and we have to stay at least until we know that we can hand over the scraps to somebody, weak as they may be. Iraq's government is not legitimate right now, no matter what Rumsfeld says. It may just end up legitimate after December 15. People need to stop talking about November 2006 and start getting ready for December 15, 2005.

As soon as an Iraqi government can properly negotiate for the Iraqi people, we need to start hammering out the details with them. We cannot just sit around in Washington and create our plan out of thin air. We may be able to lay a foundation beforehand, but there's no point in getting detailed until we have a counterpart in Iraq with some real authority.

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