Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Welcome to my maiden voyage into the waters of the idiot blogosphere. Channels that profess to be reporting news have been doing harm to our civic space for too long now. We take for granted the fact that objective reporting has largely been replaced by entertainment newscasting in many areas. Hacks have ventured away from the opinion pages of our dailies to the roundtable for our daily dose of "news" in the form of scream-fests, all the while charading as harbingers of our pressing national issues. Rush Limbaugh informs more Americans than most professional journalists. Sean Hannity has national exposure. This reporting is truly unacceptable on both sides of the ailse. I of course have my political leanings, which I will most likely not be hiding. But I hope to present my arguments either by merely refuting the lies presented by entertainment newscasting or in the most reasoned manner possible. There are enough hacks out there that strive for nothing more than victory in political argument. I don't need to follow suit. And besides, it's much easier for me to shout you down in person.

A note about the "workers' party" layout of this webpage: 1.) it's a work in progress. 2.) I enjoy the absurdity of it, which is to say don't read too much into it.

Enjoy and comment often. Bloggers are only accountable to you, so let me hear it.

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