Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Big Suprise

What can I say, no one likes to lose. No one likes to give up the power they have acquired through crooked gerrymandering and paid "access" to politicians. That's why today is going to really show the true colors of American politics. California and Ohio have similar ballot initiatives up for approval today hoping to take the power of redistricting out of the hands of the powerful. Republican Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is supporting, among others, an initiative to take the power of dedistricting out of the hands of Democrat-dominated California legislature. Ohio Democrats have put a similar constitutional amendment initiative on the Ohio ballot. Here we have cross-party agreement that redistricting is necessary to ensure good governance. And even though it may look like a power grab by two minority parties, they're both right. Redistricting is a scam. Just look at a map of districts:
This is one candidate's representation of his 12th District. Looks like a nice community, doesn't it? This is what it historically looks like:
I don't even know if I have to say anything... Some districts, like this one, are drawn for what is called racial districting. This gives racial minorities almost guaranteed seats in legislature, which one could consider a good thing. The problem is this also solidifies the non-racial minority base in surrounding districts, meaning less reason to come to compromised viewpoints, and less chance of an opposition candidate exceeding in these areas. Take a look at a another district:
Now see that is nice. That really looks like a community of shared interests. Some districts were even floating among others, as if islands in the seas of surrounding districts. This is not community representation.

Anyways, the best part of all this is the selective reporting that has been going on in dealing with the Ohio and California initiatives. I'm only using a conservative viewpoint for my example, but rest assured that both sides are doing the same reporting.

Townhall.com gives us a lovely story about Schwarzenegger's problems with the lefty special interests that rule the state. The noble Gov. is getting shot down by 'devious Democrats' who bought their jobs. Interesting quote from a Republican in California:
Do you see that the lynchpin for reform of the state is redistricting?

McCarthy: These guys paid for their seats. The Communist Party [in the former Soviet Union] had more turnover than we have here.

The evil commie machine is unstopable in California. Soooooooo... what about Ohio's initiative? Any words, Townhall? Indeed, there are a couple, but just a couple. Keep in mind they run an entire article on the corrupt Dems in California, but managed to squeeze in just one paragraph on how the Dems in Ohio are grinding a political axe with their similar initiative:

Four constitutional amendments in Ohio would expand voting by mail, limit campaign contributions and create bipartisan boards to draw districts and oversee elections. The amendments were proposed by Democratic-leaning groups in the state they blame for costing them the White House last year.
Yes, yes, nice work. One paragraph, despite the similarities. I'm sure lefties in California are doing the exact same thing here, so don't think I'm totally trying to discredit the right. While the political arguments may be a little different, he issues are the same and the power grab continues.

Thanks to FraudFactor.com for a number of these pictures.

I guess I should be careful about my accusations on the part of townhall.com. The article they ran including a description of Ohio's initiatives fails to mention the fact that the initiatives were being pushed by MoveOn.org. I guess I figured they would be the first ones to scare us out of supporting anything coming from MoveOn.org... not that MoveOn.org has a real strong record of itself being honest and fair.
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